I just made this video for you about mobile home park managers:

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Here’s the transcript:

Hi, it’s Jason Ayers from MobileHomeParkClassroom.com. Let’s talk about property managers. Now with your RV Park or mobile home park hiring the right property manager can make owning that park a very enjoyable experience. Your property manager proactively deals with issues, puts the right tenants into the park, deals with any issues that come up, proactively goes out and identifies any potential issues that might get you into legal hot water and deals with them and keeps you in the loop and updated on what’s going on with the park, how well it’s running, what they need your help with. They just really make it an enjoyable experience to own the park.

On the flip side, hiring the wrong property manager which is relatively easy to do because of common mistakes that people make during the hiring process can turn the mobile home park investor dream into a nightmare. They put the wrong tenants into the park, deal with them in a way that’s more hazardous or more damaging than beneficial to you. They ignore issues or possibly even create legal issues for you and really just pull all kinds of shenanigans that are going to cause you to have to deal with the problems, cause you to have to step in and fix the things that they are doing or really come in yourself and really salvage the wreckage that they have left in their wake.

There is something interesting that we have learned. We have been in the business for three generations. My grandparents were in the business, my parents were in the business, I was in the business. We had six parks at one time and an apartment complex; lots of managers. We really did it by trial and error, make a lot of costly mistakes and really lived kind of a high stress lifestyle until we got things dialed in.

The interesting thing about hiring a property manager is sometimes a good portion of it is about hiring the right person and knowing the right way to do that, knowing the right way to uncover and discover during the interview and filtering process whether or not they are going to be the right manager for your park or the manager that is going to turn your life into somewhat of a nightmare.

The other part of it is the processes that you have in place. You know frequently in business if an employee isn’t performing well, sometimes it’s not the employee. Sometimes it’s the processes that are in place to train that employee and manage that employee. Just by changing the process you can often take an employee who you thought was a problematic employee that needed to be fired and turn them into somewhat of a superstar just by giving them the right tools and by managing them in a way that allows them to really show up as the best version of themselves.

That’s one of the reasons I created MobileHomeParkClassroom.com because it solves both equations. It helps you to find and interview and hire the right property manager for your park. It also gives you a tool that you can just hand them. You just say here’s your login, here’s your password. Go through the course and here’s some specific information about our park that you’ll need to know. They have everything they need right there.

They have roll play videos that they can follow so they can know how to market the park, advertise the park, answer the phone, tour with prospective tenants, sign up tenants, deal with the inevitable problems that come up, have access to all of the paperwork that we use in the business and answers to all of the commonly asked questions and training on each of the areas that you have to really know well to run a mobile home park well.

If you are thinking about hiring a property manager for your mobile home park, or even if you are thinking about managing the mobile home park yourself, then I would encourage you to check out the resources at MobileHomeParkClassroom.com or you can just click the link below.

If you do it the right way it can be a great business. If you do it the wrong way it can pretty much be a nightmare. I’m hoping that you’ll find the right path and really enjoy being a mobile home park owner or investor so that you can enjoy the lifestyle that you envisioned when you started out towards mobile home parks, towards investing in mobile home parks.

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