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Revolutionize the Way You Find, Hire, and Train Property Managers for Your Mobile Home Park, RV Park, or RV Resort.

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property manager as important asset to your property

Unlock the Secret to Finding, Hiring, & Training Highly Profitable Property Managers

The success of your mobile home park, resort, or campground hinges on one crucial factor: your property manager. Their expertise and management skills directly influence the financial performance, future value, and legal compliance of your valuable investment.

Don't leave the success of your investment to chance. Discover the ultimate solution to solve your property management hiring and training problems today.

Empower Your Property Manager to Grow and Protect Your Investment The Right Way

Your property manager is responsible for leasing, marketing, and managing. These seemingly simple responsibilities can sometimes be overwhelming, but we're here to give you and all of your property managers the training, tools, and insider tips required to manage your investment property efficiently.

Property Manager Roles and Responsibilities venn diagram
Property Manager Training

Does Your Property Manager Have The Level Of Training Needed To Safeguard, Manage & Grow Your Investment?

You've already invested your valuable resources into your park, resort, or community. Mobile Home Park Classroom was created to ensure your property manager has the skills to nurture and expand that investment, without consuming your precious time.

Train Your Manager In Just 3 Effortless Steps

Imagine a world where you can train your current and future property managers in just three simple steps.

step 1: enter your property managers' name and email

Inside of the Owner's Edition of Mobile Home Park Classroom, you'll find a simple form that makes it incredibly simple to give each of your property managers access to a 'Property Manager's Edition of the program. All you need is their name and email address.

step 2: provide park specifics

Every park is different, so of course you'll want to equip your property manager with essential park details for the park(s) they are going to manage (e.g. rental rates, rules, existing leases, and important phone numbers).


While your property manager(s) go through the program, take the quizzes, and receive their certificates of completion, you can do whatever you want to do.

"We built this program so you can spend your time where it really matters while making sure your property manager is properly trained on every aspect of the business."

- jason ayers

Simple solutions requires understanding of problem

Embrace the Power of Simplicity

Don't let the 3-step process deceive you; simplicity is the key to success. Many assume that complex problems require intricate solutions, but finding the most straightforward answer often demands profound understanding and thoughtfulness. 

Mobile Home Park - a comprehensive and proven training tool

A Comprehensive and Proven System Prepared for You

Just because this program is simple and easy to use, doesn't mean it was easy to create... We sat down and we mapped out each area of the business. We tediously listed every single thing that a great property manager needs to know how to do well.

We brainstormed all the stressful situations - the tricky, painful issues that have come up for us across five different parks. This was the list of things that makes you want to scream, throw your hands in the air and quit.

By the time we finished, we had tables full of spreadsheets, mind maps, documents, folders and Post-It notes.

Unlock a Comprehensive, Easy to Use, Proven System

Mobile Home Park Classroom has been refined time and time again to be simple, easy to use, and user-friendly. At the same time, it covers every aspect of the business that your manager(s) will need to be as successful as possible.

We've distilled four generations of experience down to cover every aspect of property management, from day-to-day operations to handling the most challenging situations.

Based on decades of experience, we organized and mapped out all of the solutions, trainings, resources and most importantly, the mindset and perspectives required to be successful in the businessAfter all of that work was done, we started filming.

This A-Z training program took over 14 months to film (we had to wait for certain issues to happen to film them) and we had to do a lot of takes to make sure the trainings were just right. Finally, we started editing, which took months.

The end result is a mobile home and RV park training program, resource center and "operating system" that covers everything your manager needs to know aside from the particulars of your specific park of course (your rental rates, your preferred vendors, local laws and regulations, etc.).

Click the tabs below to see an overview of what's included...

What's Included In The Program?

Mobile Home Park Classroom provides cutting edge property management best practices, education and solutions you need to ensure your mobile home and RV park are well managed and profitable.

Winning From the Beginning

Module 1. Should You Hire a Property Manager? (Owner's Edition only)

Module 2. How to Build a Strong Foundation as a New Manager (to Set Yourself Up For Success)

Module 3. How to Set Rental Rates, Security Deposits, and Lease Terms

Did You Know? 
When a new manager takes over, a number of tenants will "test" the manager to see what they can get away with and how the manager responds to their testing will define the relationship going forward.

Filling Your Vacancies With Great Tenants

Module 4. How to Market Your Park, Resort or Campground Online

Module 5. How to Screen Prospective Tenants

Module 6. How to Move-In Great Tenants

Module 9. How to Prepare Your Vacancies to Lease Quickly

Did You Know? 
There's one thing that most managers fail to do when screening prospective tenants that causes them to have to deal with problematic tenants (and it's easy to fix).

How to Create a "Community"

Module 7. How to Keep Great Tenants

Module 8. How to Deal with Problematic Tenants (and Sticky Situations)

Did You Know? 
A high percentage of "problem tenants" can turn around and become model tenants if you know how to handle the situation and more importantly, the right words to use when you talk to them.

How to Keep Your Park in Shape

Module 10. How to Work With Employees & Contractors

Module 11. How to Maintain Your Park, Resort or Campground

Did You Know? 
One of the #1 reasons why good tenants decide to leave a park is related to how quickly you respond when they have a maintenance issue (and it's one of the major complaints they make in online reviews).

How to Handle Administrative Details

Module 12. Taxes and Insurance

Module 13. How to Manage Your Finances and Records

Did You Know? 
How you set up your financial reporting and audits plays a major role in whether or not you'll find yourself in a situation where your manager is tempted to misreport income or embezzle from you.

How to Find, Hire and Manage Your Manager From Anywhere

Module 14. How to Find a Superstar Property Manager (Owner's Edition & Find & Hire Your Property Manager Editions)

Module 15. How to Manage Your Manager From Anywhere (Owner's Edition & Find & Hire Your Property Manager Editions)

Did You Know? 
According to a leading expert on hiring, the average cost of hiring the wrong manager is 15 times their annual salary, but asking the right questions during interviews can drastically reduce the odds you'll mis-hire.

The best and most efficient training program

Save Time, Money and Headaches With The Best and Most Efficient Training Program Available Today

Once you invest your time, it's gone. That's what makes Mobile Home Park Classroom a no-brainer...

For a minimal investment, you can use Mobile Home Park Classroom to find, hire, and train your current and future property managers.

property manager training cost calculation

You're Going To Love Your 'ROTI' - Return On Time Invested!

ROI is important, but what's even more important is the value of your time.

What's the value of your time?
The calculation estimates the value of your time at $50/hour.
If your time is worth closer to $500/hour, it would multiply your savings by 10X.

What is the opportunity cost?
The cost of your time isn't always the only factor to consider. You also need to consider what you'll have to skip or miss while you're training your manager (i.e. family trips, high-value work, deal-making, finding new deals, sleep, etc.)

Discover a Mobile Home & RV Park Operating System that saves you time and is ready and waiting for you whenever you need it.

Mobile Home Park Classroom was designed specifically for Mobile Home Parks, Manufactured Housing Communities, RV Parks, and RV Resorts.

Experience a Revolutionary Training Program Unlike Anything Else

role play videos

Equip your manager with the confidence to handle any situation by watching us tackle phone calls, sign up new tenants, address complex issues, and tour the park with potential renters.

highly-focused trainings

Master the art of property management with cutting-edge marketing strategies that attract exceptional tenants to your thriving community.

community building

Learn the secrets of creating a first-class community filled with satisfied tenants, generating steady cash flow and glowing online reviews.

Don't Take Our Word for It - Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

Mobile Home Park Happy Clients

This is the best property manager training program I've ever seen. I've been doing this for over 40 years, and even I'm learning things I didn't know.

Diane ayers

40+ Year Owner/Manager of a MH & RV Park, Previously Owned and Oversaw 5 Parks and an Apartment Complex w/Managers

I've only watched two videos and I've already taken 5 pages of notes!

eric h.

Owner of 5 Parks in Nevada and California

Lessons Can Be Completed From Anywhere

All your property manager needs is an Internet connection - they can watch from anywhere. 

Your manager will have access to 1-click answers to some of the most challenging situations and questions we've ever faced (which is another way of saying they probably won't be calling you at 2 AM).

Experience Mobile Home Park Classroom Risk-Free Today

Property Manager's Edition



or 5 easy payments of $157

Ideal for property managers (or owners managing their own parks).

  • Comprehensive A-Z training on daily park operations
  • Innovative online marketing strategies for attracting new guests and residents
  • Proven techniques for dealing with challenging tenants and situations
  • Strategies for building a community of respectful, rule-abiding residents

Best Value

Owner's Edition



or 5 easy payments of $219

Perfect for owners seeking to hire and train property managers quickly and efficiently.

  • Access to all 15 modules covering MH and RV park property management A-Z
  • Comprehensive 'How to Hire a Superstar Property Manager' guide
  • BONUS: Unlimited "Property Manager's Editions" for current and future managers ($770 value/each)

How To Hire A Superstar Property Manager Edition



Ideal if you already have a satisfactory training program in place.

  • Strategies for finding and filtering candidates
  • Effective interview questions
  • Compensation options
  • Remote management techniques

Experience It Today with Our "LOVE IT OR PAY NOTHING" 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're confident you'll be delighted with Mobile Home Park Classroom, which is why we're offering a risk-free 30-day trial. If you're not absolutely thrilled with the content, simply send us an email within 30-days of your purchase date, and we'll refund 100% of your money - no questions asked.

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