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Attention: RV & Mobile Home Park Owners

"This Can Save You $200,000 and 400 Hours of Your Time By Training Your Property Managers For You..."

Your manager is your key employee and plays the single biggest role
in determining the financial performance, future sales price,
and the legal liability of your park, resort or campground...

It ​makes sense to insure they have the best training available.

Imagine Training Your Current and Future Property Managers In Just 3-Easy Steps

Forward your property manager an email with their login and password, giving them instant online access to Mobile Home Park Classroom.

Give your property manager a 3-ring binder with specifics about your park like rental rates, park rules, existing leases, important phone numbers, etc.

Take the rest of the day off and do whatever you want while your manager learns how to run your park like an absolute professional.

Sound Impossible?

Not when you have a step-by-step online training program based on 3 generations of experience in the mobile home and RV park business that covers everything your manager needs to know...

  • Starting Out Right
  • Filling Your Vacancies
  • How to Create a "Community"
  • How Keep Your Park In Shape
  • How to Handle Administrative Details
  • How to Find, Hire & Manage Your Manager From Anywhere

Module 7

How to Keep Great Tenants

Module 8

How to Deal with Problematic Tenants (and Sticky Situations)

Did You Know?

A high percentage of "problem tenants" can turn around and become model tenants if you know how to handle the situation and more importantly, the right words to use when you talk to them.

This program is designed to save the most valuable asset you have, which is your time...

But, we both know your time is probably worth closer to $500/hr, which multiplies your return on investment by 10X.

Diane A.40+ Year Owner/Manager of a MH & RV Park, Previously Owned and Oversaw 5 Parks and an Apartment Complex w/Managers

This is the best property manager training program I've ever seen. I've been doing this for over 40 years, and even I'm learning things I didn't know.

Eric H.Owner of 5 Parks in Nevada and California

I've only watched two videos and I've already taken 5 pages of notes!

Mobile Home Park Classroom Is Completely Different From Other Courses

Role Play Videos

What you say and how you say it are critical in this business, but not knowing what to say is nerve-racking for a new manager...  

Follow along as we take phone calls, sign up new tenants, deal with complicated issues and tour the park with potential renters.


As the saying goes, you can be a jack of all trades, but master of none...  

That's why we focus 100% on property management that uses cutting-edge marketing to attract great tenants to a professionally managed community.


You'll learn how to create a first-class community filled with great tenants who provide predictable and steady cash-flow...

Which leads to great online reviews and also makes it easier and more profitable to sell your community in the future.

Get Started Today

How to Hire a Superstar Property manager

Perfect if you already have a training program in place you are happy with



  • How to find candidates
  • How to filter out bad candidates
  • The right interview questions to ask
  • Compensation options
  • How to manage your manager from anywhere
Property Manager's Edition

Perfect if you are a manager or owner/manager who intends to manage your own park long-term.



Or 5 Easy Payments of $157

  • A-Z training on how to run the park on a day-to-day basis
  • How to market online to attract new guests and long-term residents
  • How to "Pass the Test" when you start as a property manager
  • How to deal with bad tenants, late payments, and lease violations
  • How to build a community of respectful, rule-abiding residents

My "Love It or Pay Nothing", 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m so sure that you are absolutely going to love Mobile Home Park Classroom that I’m taking on all the risk myself and let you try the course for a full 30 days. If you absolutely love it, keep it.

If you change your mind, send me an email – it’s that easy. I’ll refund 100% of your money and we’ll part as friends because I only want your money if your absolutely thrilled with the value-packed content you’ll find inside this program…

And I’m confident you will love it when you see what’s waiting for you inside...

Jason Ayers
Toll Free: (844) 815-2766

Disclaimer: Your results may vary.  You may value your time higher or lower than the estimates provided in the examples on this page.  You may have more or fewer park managers over the lifetime of your park-ownership experience.  Refer to our Earnings Disclaimer for specifics.

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